Interlogistics Holding Limited Sofia LTD is a company headquartered in the city of Sofia, operating in the field of tax warehouses management and excise goods storage. The company’s business includes also the management and operation of warehouse and industrial areas, logistics, intermediation, etc.


The company manages a logistics facility in Ravno Pole, located near the eastern entry-exit points of Sofia. The facility is directly accessible from both Trakia and Hemus highways.
Interlogistics Holding Limited Sofia LTD holds a license for a tax warehouse management in accordance with the requirements of the Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act.


Interlogistics Holding Limited Sofia LTD provides the best solution to utilize the possibilities provided in the Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act.
We can take care of the storage and processing of your excise goods, in compliance with the legal regulations and following the specific parameters and needs of your business.

Our clients can rely on our experience and flexibility to meet their individual logistical needs and priorities, as we are committed to providing solution options which are up-to-date with the modern market opportunities and current legal requirements.
Interlogistics Holding Limited Sofia LTD helps you focus on your core business by outsourcing the logistics operations to renowned professionals, profiled in different units, united by a clear vision for joint and coordinated activity. We believe in the principle that a perfect result requires trusting a reliable partner with sufficient experience and flexibility, so we provide you with the highest quality services.